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James C. Welsh
Bio and Photo
James C. WelshTop of Page
President and General Manager

The Executive Office arranges all policy-making and informational public meetings for the KUA Board of Directors. One of the responsibilities of the President and General Manager is to ensure that policies made by the KUA Board of Directors are implemented and direction that is given by the Board is properly followed throughout the utility.

The Executive Office is where recommendations are brought and decisions are made to take these recommendations for the betterment of KUA's customers and KUA's operation before the Board for consideration. The direction that KUA takes is based on the needs of the community. This is achieved through involvement in the community and a harmonious working relationship with both city and county government personnel to encourage a unified vision.

The President and General Manager provides leadership and support of the executive staff to ensure reliable and quality service to our customers. The executive staff has daily interaction with personnel from other electrical utilities and public power organizations, employees, and customers.


Ken Davis
Bio and Photo
Kenneth L. Davis Top of Page
Vice President Emeritus of Engineering & Operations

The Engineering and Operations Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of all transmission, distribution and substation facilities. It is the Department's responsibility to ensure adequate and reliable electric service from the generation supply down to each home and business.

The T & D Operations Division constructs and maintains all transmission and distribution facilities. Personnel from this Division are on call 24/7 to respond to power outages.

The Engineering Division is the first point of contact with new customers or existing customers requiring new electrical service. The Division is responsible for planning and designing any new distribution facilities required for service to these customers.

The Fleet Services Division is responsible for maintaining the entire KUA fleet of vehicles and equipment. The Division now maintains over 130 utility vehicles and utility equipment.

The Materials Management Division manages a fully-automated warehouse. KUA stocks over 1,600 different items--from nuts and bolts, to concrete poles and fuel. KUA maintains and inventory valued at approximately $8 million. The Division is charged with the responsibility to ensure that adequate supplies and materials are on hand for normal operations and for emergency situations.

The GIS Division maintains the Geographic Information System (GIS) that includes both a graphical and informational database of the entire transmission and distribution system currently in operation.  

Chris Gent
Bio and Photo
Chris Gent Top of Page
Vice President of Corporate Communications

The Vice President of Corporate Communications serves as media spokesman for KUA and is responsible for the utility's customer, employee, community, and industry communications. He serves as internal advisor to KUA's CEO and Executive Staff on communications, media and marketing issues.

Jef Gray
Bio and Photo
Jeffery S. Gray Top of Page
Vice President of Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all network systems, computer hardware, software, telecom systems, information and data security for the utility. The department maintains and develops advanced applications, provides analysis of proposed software, and conducts ongoing computer training for employees.

The Application Development Division supports the core billing, accounting and financial systems for the utility. They maintain the software packages used throughout the company manage the production of bill printing and develop e-commerce solutions for customers and corporate use. They also provide limited programming and reporting services to affiliate agencies within the city of Kissimmee and Toho Water Authority.

The Operations Division is responsible for the network enterprise, PCs, laptops, servers, database architecture and end user support.  This work center manages primary and backup systems to support KUA's business operations and disaster recovery capabilities.

The Information Security Division administers storage of corporate records and critical data systems. This division is tasked with retention of existing records, digital media archiving, video surveillance, asset inventory, data and physical security administration.

The Administrative Division oversees all accounting, personnel actions, documentation for department activities, and conducts in house training. They also provide administrative support to each of the five IT divisions and coordinate department functions.

The Telecom Division maintains the telephone systems, switchboard, VOIP, websites and Internet connectivity services for KUA. This division also manages KUA.net's partnership with Century Link a provider of DSL, Home Telephone and Satellite TV services.

Wilbur Hill
Bio and Photo
Wilbur Hill Top of Page
Vice President of Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for the human resources/personnel administration of KUA. This includes recruiting, staffing, risk management, safety and communications. The department manages pension and healthcare programs and unemployment compensation. The department is also responsible for all the utility's insurance claims.

The Human Resources department houses the KUA Office of Communications which has responsibility for all internal, external, community, and industry public relations and communications as well as the coordination of special events and the KUA Speakers Bureau.


Joe Hostetler
Bio and Photo
Joseph Hostetler Top of Page
Vice President of Finance and Risk Management

The Finance Department ensures the financial integrity of the KUA while maintaining competitive rates. The department provides administration of all financial activities of the KUA including all financings of major projects and the investment of all KUA funds.

Financial reporting includes all KUA financial transactions and analysis, preparation of monthly financial reports, the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), the Annual Budget and the Annual Five Year Plan. These documents are instrumental in the financial planning for the KUA in the short and long run.

The department is also responsible for the purchasing of all goods and services for the KUA, the oversight of the administration of the KUA Employees' Retirement Plan, and the oversight of the KUA risk management functions which includes overseeing all insurance requirements for the KUA.


Grant Lacerte
Bio and Photo
Grant Lacerte Top of Page
Vice President and General Counsel

The Vice President and General Counsel acts as KUA's in-house counsel restricting his practice to KUA matters. Advises KUA concerning legal rights, obligations, and privileges; Studies Constitution, statutes, decisions, and ordinances of quasi-judicial bodies. Keeps abreast of and advises on current developments in related aspects of the law which affect areas of concern to KUA. Examines legal data to determine advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuits.

Oversees KUA's legislative and regulatory activities at the local, state and national levels. May act as agent of KUA in various transactions. Coordinates the activity and involvement of outside counsels in various specialties of law (e.g. labor, bond underwriting, eminent domain, etc.) Interfaces with and coordinates legal and regulatory activities with attorneys and lobbyists of KUA state and national associations and agencies


Larry Mattern
Bio and Photo
Larry Mattern Top of Page
Vice President of Power Supply

The Power Supply department is responsible for planning and providing an adequate supply of electricity to the KUA customers for today and the future. This need is met through membership in the All Requirements Project (ARP) of the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA). Through board and committee membership KUA directs fuel procurement, power marketing, power plant construction and joint energy ventures. Together KUA and FMPA strive to find the most economical supply of electrical power while protecting and preserving the environment.

The Power Production division constructs, operates, and maintains power plants for FMPA to provide electricity for Kissimmee and thirteen other cities throughout Florida.

The Power Supply department performs bulk system planning for KUA's expansion through involvement and oversight of the Florida Municipal Power Agency planning staff. Planning includes forecasting the growth of the system and determining how to most economically meet customer needs through either building new power plants or arranging to buy power from other utilities.

This department also provides representation to the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) for the purpose of performing impact studies to help maintain the reliability of the Florida transmission grid.

Susan Postans
Bio and Photo
Susan Postans Top of Page
Vice President of Customer Service

KUA's Customer Service Department accepts and processes requests for new services or termination of services and customer inquiries and complaints. The department also has responsibility for reading meters, preparing customer billings, reconciling billing discrepancies, and maintaining rate schedules for all services.

The Support Services division of the department reads all electric and water meters each month, provides rereads of meters when necessary, manages all initiation and termination services, provides assistance with high bill complaints, and investigates power theft cases. The division also conducts energy audits to both residential and commercial customers.

The Customer Financial Services division provides cashiering services, assistance to delinquent payment customers, receives and records customer payments, and manages credit polices, collection procedures, and bad debt write off.

The Customer Accounts Division is responsible for most of the direct customer contact for KUA, whether over the phone or one on one with the customer. This includes answering questions about billing issues, full filling requests for service initiates and terminates, advising customers regarding rates, services, special programs and researching and resolving service and billing problems.

The Customer Billing Services Division produces the customers' bills based on the regular monthly cycle reads and customer requests for service initiates or terminates. The Division is also responsible for issuing final bills, refunding of customer deposits and reviewing customer accounts for reasonability in meter readings and charges associated with the readings.


Brian Horton
Bio and Photo
Brian Horton Top of Page
Vice President of Engineering & Operations

Plans, organizes and directs all departmental activities involving the construction and maintenance of the transmission and distribution (T & D) system. Directs all T & D engineering functions. Manages and oversees the GIS functions.

Manages all T & D construction projects such as substations and transmission line construction. Plans for and acquires easements and rights-of-ways in support of KUA T & D business and operational objectives.

Ensures that operational safety compliance and precautions for all work crews and the public are enforced. Prepares and administers budget for the department. Facilitates customer T & D inquiries and complaint responses. Acts as President and General Manager when required.

Performs related tasks as required, including oversight of all applicable reliability standards.


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