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The case of the rising electric billsEnergy Book - The case of the rising electric bills

Many people say their electric bills seem to be on a mysterious upward climb, and their hunch is that rising electric rates are to blame; but deductive reasoning proves most the increase in electric bills experienced by most families is actually due to an increased usage of electricity. The average family spends approximately $1,300 per year on electric bills.

While the explanation for rising electric bills may not seem elementary at first, things are quickly put into perspective when you consider most families have larger homes, an extra refrigerator, swimming pool and/or spa, several television sets, at least one computer, multi-faceted entertainment centers, and many other electric devices that make life more enjoyable.

But you don't have to deprive your family, change your lifestyle or launch an all-out investigation to solve the mystery of high electric bills. You can continue to enjoy electric luxuries and reduce your energy bills by 10 to 50 percent by practicing a few energy-saving measures that work with your lifestyle.

Take a few moments to review this energy saving detective's notebook - newly updated in 2006 - and share it with your family. You'll be saying, "Aha!" when you see how easy it is to reduce your home energy use with our practical solutions.

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