KUA’s Executive Staff

The executive staff, as well as the entire KUA family, takes great pride in serving the community and all KUA customers while in the pursuit of providing reliable and economical services and protecting the environment.


View Brian Horton's biography.

Brian Horton

President & General Manager, CEO

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View Larry Mattern's biography.

Larry Mattern

Vice President of Operations

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View Susan Postans' biography.

Susan Postans

Vice President of Customer Service

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View Kevin Crawford's biography.

Kevin Crawford

Vice President of Finance and Administration

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View Jeffery S. Gray's biography.

Jeffery S. Gray

Vice President of Information Technology

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View Cindy Herrera's biography.

Cindy Herrera

Vice President of Human Resources

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View Grant Lacerte's biography.

Grant Lacerte

General Counsel

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View Tiffany Henderson's biography.

Tiffany Henderson

Director of Corporate Communications

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