Tier 3 – KUA Solar Application

Disclaimer/Additional Information For All Requests:

  • All information must be correct and accurate. (Any discrepancies can and will delay process).
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks once customer has signed documentation for approval process to complete.
  • For Property owners looking to install on rental properties please reach out to netmetering@kua.com.
  • All attachments must be PDFs no screenshots or pictures of any kind will be accepted.
  • Please remember to allow allotted time frame to expire prior to requesting updates. Excessive updates and information requests will be disregarded.
  • Please make sure that customers email address on file is up to date. Kissimmee Utility Authority will only send documents to customer approved email on file for signing of documents.
  • No other emailed application formats will be accepted. (If customer is unable to utilize DocuSign format they will be required to view and sign documents in person at Kissimmee Utility Authorities main office located at 1701 W Carroll Street Kissimmee FL 34741).
  • In order for application to be sent an issued permit status must be achieved from the Authority Having Jurisdiction.(ie. City of Kissimmee, Osceola County or City of St. Cloud).
  • For all systems that require an application fee, fee is only payable by check. Made payable to Kissimmee Utility Authority Attention Cashiers 1701 W Carroll Street Kissimmee FL 34741. Fee must be received and funds applied to the account prior to application being approved for processing. Please make sure to verify if customer is on auto pay as to this may delay the process.


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