Human Resources Department Overview

Human Resources Department

Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) offers competitive compensation and other employee programs, functions, engagements and events to support the recruitment and retention of a highly skilled workforce with good morale. These actions also most importantly assist with ensuring the public purpose of providing continuous and efficient delivery of services to the Authority’s customers.

Department Overview:

The Human Resources department will provide service in the following areas to support KUA’s workforce, strategic business objectives and mission:

  1. Employee Relations
  2. Employment
  3. Compensation
  4. Employee Benefits and Insurances
  5. Safety
  6. Workers’ Compensation
  7. Property Claim Administration
  8. Risk Management and Pension

Mission and Functions:

  • Office of the Vice President
    • Leads and manages all Human Resources department functions.
  • Operations Division
    • Provides oversight and administration for employee recruitment, training, compensation and employee relations programs.
    • Administers health-care programs.
    • Oversees compliance with legal requirements for employment practices.
    • Develops and provides a safe working environment for all employees and administration of workers’ compensation programs.
    • Provides the administration of KUA risk management functions to include insurance acquisition and claim processing.
    • Administers KUA Employees’ Retirement Plan.