Early Season Heat Wave Spikes Power Consumption by 22%

KISSIMMEE, Fla., May 10, 2017 – Summer doesn’t arrive until June 20, but temperatures make it feel like the seasons have already changed.

An early season heat wave combined with a lack of afternoon thunderstorms has forced residential and commercial air conditioners to work overtime, resulting in a surge in electricity use in Kissimmee this week. As temperatures rise, so does demand for air conditioning.

“Energy consumption in Kissimmee today is already 22 percent higher than it was on Monday,” said Kissimmee Utility Authority spokesman Chris Gent. “The increased demand will likely lead to higher power bills in the coming weeks.”

KUA offers these energy-saving tips that require little or no expense and can help to reduce energy costs:

* Set the thermostat on the highest comfortable setting (KUA recommends 78-80 degrees). Raising the temperature just two degrees can reduce cooling costs by as much as five percent.
* Use oscillating and ceiling fans instead of lowering the thermostat setting – but remember to turn them off when you’re not in the room.
* Close blinds, shades or drapes during the hottest part of the day to block the sun’s heat.
* Remember that window air conditioning units generally are not designed to cool more than one room.
* Clean or replace window unit or central air conditioning system filters monthly. Dirty filters cause air conditioners to work harder and use more energy.

Founded in 1901, KUA (https://kua.com) is Florida’s sixth largest community-owned utility powering 70,000 customers in Osceola County, Fla.