Instead of Perfume and Flowers, Show You Care with Kilowatt-Hours

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KISSIMMEE, Fla., December 2, 9:00 am – Can’t find the perfect holiday gift for your family,

friends, employees, customers or clients? Try a Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) gift card

– something everyone can appreciate!
KUA gift cards are convenient to give; useful to receive. Think of the jolt of joy you’ll

feel when you send them to friends and relatives or to help someone you care about. Think of

the charge you’ll get from giving.
Recipients can use the gift cards to pay all or part of their monthly KUA bill. Instead of

working like a traditional gift card, which can be lost, stolen, or thrown away, a KUA gift

card is a monetary credit placed directly on a customer’s KUA account. The credit is then

subtracted from the customer’s next KUA bill.
The cards are available in any amount and can be customized with a brief personal message.

Gift-givers may choose to remain anonymous or receive a seasonal card to deliver to the

recipient. No additional service or activation fees or costs are charged.
“Many churches, service organizations and generous individuals look for practical gifts that

directly benefit those less fortunate. A gift card from KUA gives a thoughtful, helpful

boost for anyone dealing with a tight budget,” said Chris Gent, KUA’s manager of corporate

“The gift cards don’t have the buyer’s name on them, so you can play Santa Claus and

anonymously help someone in your family, your neighborhood, or your place of worship,” added

KUA’s gift cards offer time-saving convenience to shoppers who crave variety and choice when

buying a gift, without facing the crowds at the mall. The gift cards can be purchased at

KUA’s customer service center or through the mail by sending a check or money order.

Requests should be sent to: KUA Gift Certificates, P.O. Box 423219, Kissimmee, FL

Founded in 1901, KUA is Florida’s sixth largest community-owned utility serving 61,000

electric, water and Internet customers in five Central Florida counties.
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Contact: Chris Gent, Manager of Corporate Communications
(407) 933-7777 ext. 1116