KUA.net Offers Virus Scanning

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KISSIMMEE, Fla., January 10, 3:30 pm – FACT: 87% of computer virus infections occur via e-mail attachments, an increase from 56% in 1999 and 32% in 1998.*

To protect its customers from these damaging viruses, KUA.net is the first internet service provider in Florida to provide real-time virus scanning on all inbound and outbound e-mail.

A combination of new hardware and software on KUA.net’s network automatically checks each piece of mail that runs through its servers for virus contamination. Real time scanning means there are no delays to mail delivery and the system is continually updated by KUA.net personnel to detect the latest virus strains.

How does the system work? All e-mail enters the KUA.net system where attachments are decoded, decompressed and then scanned for viruses. If clean, the message and attachments are sent on to the recipient. If infected or suspect, however, the attachment is destroyed and the message does not get sent. Both the sender and recipient receive an e-mail notification indicating that a virus was sent, detected and destroyed; the sender can then re-send a clean attachment.

KUA is Florida‘s 7th largest municipally-owned utility serving 53,000 electric, water and internet customers in five Central Florida counties. KUA celebrates its 100th year of serving the community in 2001.

* Fact courtesy of: ICSA 1999 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey and ICSA 2000 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey.

Contact: Chris M. Gent, Manager of Communications
(407) 933-7777, ext. 1116