KUA Outages Top 29,000

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KISSIMMEE, Fla., September 26, 12:00 noon – High winds from Hurricane Jeanne have knocked out power to 29,673, or 51 percent, of Kissimmee Utility Authority’s 58,000 customers in Osceola County. At 12:00 noon Sunday, the utility reported loss of 22 major distribution feeders that serve Kissimmee, Buenaventura Lakes and Campbell City as well as areas near Neptune Road, Pleasant Hill Road, King’s Highway, Lake Cecile, Orange Gardens and downtown Kissimmee.

Additional power outages are expected on Sunday as Hurricane Jeanne drives its destructive power across Central Florida.

Because of the size, intensity, path and slow-moving nature of this storm, customers are being advised to plan and prepare for long, extended electrical service outages. KUA customers who experience power outages are asked to call the utility’s 24-hour outage line at 407-933-7777.

KUA will post regular updates related to power outages and restoration at www.kua.com. Customers can also check local media outlets for information.

Founded in 1901, KUA is Florida’s sixth largest community-owned utility providing electric service to 58,000 customers in Osceola County. 

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Chris M. Gent
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