KUA Warns Children Not to be “Like Mike”

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KISSIMMEE, Fla., July 2, 2:15 pm – A disturbing scene in the film “Like Mike” has prompted Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) to warn parents about the movie’s messages to children of all ages regarding the dangers of electric utility poles and wires.
In the movie, scheduled for release on Wednesday by 20th Century Fox, 14-year-old Calvin Cambridge dreams of becoming the next Michael Jordan. The boy climbs a tree in the rain to retrieve a pair of old sneakers dangling from a power line. Lightning strikes the pole supporting the power line as the boy grasps the shoes. Shocked, the boy falls to the ground clutching the shoes. Miraculously, he survives the electrical shock, the fall, and magically turns into a NBA basketball superstar.
“The reality of what would happen to anyone in this circumstance is far more tragic than portrayed in this movie,” says Chris Gent, KUA’s manager of corporate communications. “This portrayal sends a disturbing message to kids that playing around electric utility equipment is safe — or, worse yet, even fun. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
KUA urges parents and children to pay careful attention to warnings and all signs near or around electrical equipment. When working or playing outdoors:
— Don’t climb power poles
— Don’t throw toys, sneakers or any other object over electrical wires
— Stay out of high-voltage power line rights-of-way and electric substations, or any place where “Danger: High Voltage” signs are posted
— Fly kites and balloons in open areas far away from power lines
— Never touch downed wires. Contact KUA or local law enforcement agencies immediately if you notice downed wires
KUA is Florida’s 6th largest community-owned utility serving 58,000 electric, water and Internet customers in three Central Florida counties.

Contact: Chris Gent, Manager of Corporate Communications
(407) 933-7777 ext. 1116