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Electric Service Requirements

Kissimmee Utility AuthorityBuilding a new home or commercial structure can be complex and frustrating. If you are considering building or are currently in the construction process, contact our Distribution Engineering Division at 407-933-7777 ext.6600. They will review requirements for electric service for residential and commercial development and calculate cost of the electric line extension based on a completed load form.

If necessary, the owner/builder/developer will execute an Electric Line Extension Contract. Payment for line extension (including pole, wires, transformers and other equipment required for electrical service that is normally installed) will be made as required by KUA's Electric Line Extension Policy.

Below are the most commonly used forms:

Engineering and Operations Forms

Download KUA-BASIC-LIST.pdf
KUA's basic requirements in order to accomplish the installation of electric service to your property - Rev 09/07/07

Download KUA Easement Deed Form
Downloadable form

Download KUA Easement Deed Instructions
Instructions for completing a KUA easement deed

Download Metering-Requirements.pdf
KUA Metering Requirements - Rev. 06/2014

Download KUA-PAD-SPECS.pdf
Section S23 Concrete Pad Specifications Rev. 1/12/05

Download Final Grade Form.pdf
Downloadable Final Grade Form

Section S22 Underground Conduit Standards Rev. 8/7/2014

KUA Commercial and Residential Load Information form. Rev 6/30/08

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader