Olga Gonzalez



Mayor Olga Gonzalez, and her family moved to Osceola County after she retired from General Motors. It was in Osceola County, where Gonzalez started a nonprofit organization called Church and Community Assistance Program, Inc.The non-profit organization started by donating individual bags of food, which later turned into boxes with food supplies to last up to 2 weeks for a family of four. As the non-profit grew, Olga partnered with the State Department of Children and Families (DCF) to assist with food stamp and Medicaid applications. Shortly after that, the Church and Community Assistance Program became a subcontractor with one of the highest counts of claims filed.The organization evolved into a one-stop-shop for people needing help. Rather than creating a new service to help people and compete with other agencies, Olga’s vision was to be an efficient resource that connected DCF with the Department of Health to help young mothers who had just given birth, assist seniors with diabetes and other health related issues, to working with Job Partnership – an organization that helps young men and women coming out of jail to enter the workforce.

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