Declaration of Core Principles

Kissimmee Utility Authority recognizes that its services fulfill an imperative public need. KUA is dedicated to operating in an accountable, dependable and trustworthy manner while showing compassion and respect to all. Therefore, KUA’s actions must meet the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

KUA shall achieve these standards while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. These principles shall be applied to all customers, business associates and employees.

General Statement and Guideline on Responsibilities

This Code of Ethics provides overall guidance in meeting our ethical obligations. It is incumbent upon KUA Board members and staff to accept personal responsibility for exercising good, sound judgment while meeting KUA’s high ethical standards.

This responsibility includes familiarity with all of KUA’s policies and procedures, including departmental, purchasing, travel and/or personnel policies and procedures, as they apply to each individual’s functions and activities. This responsibility also includes compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees set forth in Florida Statutes, Chapter 112, Part III.

Utilization of Ethics Compliance Counselor and Management

To facilitate compliance with this Code of Ethics, KUA has appointed an Ethics Compliance Counselor (see Personnel Manual). Consult with management or the Ethics Compliance Counselor (anonymously, if desired) when confronting an ethical dilemma or needing an answer to an ethics question.