City of Kissimmee Services

KUA partners with the City of Kissimmee’s Sanitation Division to do their billing. The partnership provides the benefit of receiving a single bill for electric and refuse services. For rate, account or billing information, please call the Kissimmee Utility Authority’s Customer Service Center at (407) 933-7777.

For further assistance, please contact the appropriate partner.


Sanitation Division

City of Kissimmee
101 N. Church Street
Kissimmee, Fl, 34741

Pick up Schedule
Recycling Information
Bulk Pickup
Waste Collection Schedule
Household Hazardous Waste
Drainage and Retention

Refuse Notes

Whether you have City pickup or an independent franchise, all units inside the City limits are required to have refuse collection service. The City provides all containers for non-franchise pickup. Basic Residential service allows household garbage to be picked up two times a week and yard waste to be picked up once a week. Basic Commercial service provides for garbage to be picked up twice a week.

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