Tree Trimming Requests

About every two to three years, KUA’s contract tree crews will visit your area to inspect and prune trees along power line rights of way. This work helps us prevent outages and downed lines while maintaining a high level of safety and reliability.

Occasionally, trees grow faster than our scheduled visits. If you spot a tree that has grown into our infrastructure, please complete the information below and click “send” to submit the form electronically. However, this form SHOULD NOT be used to report emergencies such as arcing/sparking wires, trees/branches on electric lines, or any other matters that require immediate response. Please call 407-933-9898 for all emergency situations.

NOTE: Customers will need to contact a private tree trimming company if the tree issue is not utility related. We only trim those trees on our easements and rights-of-way or trees endangering our power lines and equipment.

Use this form to notify KUA of a tree trimming in need of attention
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**Please note: If you don’t receive an immediate confirmation email in your inbox it is possible KUA did not get the information you submitted. If this occurs, please resubmit your information or call customer service at 407-933-9800. Thank you.