Report a Power Outage Quickly

Tap (on mobile devices) or scan the code below to report an Outage
Report an outage by text message or scan QR code

  The fastest way to report a power outage to KUA is by text message. Text “Out” to (877) 582-7700 and follow the prompts to have your outage recorded. You will receive a confirmation of your message, a link to the outage map and updates when the issue has been resolved. Note: Your mobile phone number must be associated with your KUA account for the texting process to work. Please contact KUA at 407-933-7777 or via Live Chat to add or modify your account information.

report a power outage by texting out to 877-582-7700


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Other Options for Reporting a Power Outage

· Live Chat

Report a Power Outage using Live Chat. Click the Live Chat option from the Menu on KUA.com. This feature is staffed 24 hours per day during major storms, otherwise it is available during normal business hours.


· By Phone

Report a Power Outage by Phone, Dial 407-933-9898, Select Option 1. This service is available 24 hours per day.  

To receive updates from KUA on power restoration following a hurricane or major storm:

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To subscribe, simply follow us on Twitter by clicking “Sign Up” at  (www.twitter.com/kuadirect). Think of a username, fill in a password, provide a valid email address and create an account. Once completed, account holders will automatically be following the outage alerts. Participants can unsubscribe from the service at any time.