Average Bill Plan

Average billing is an optional payment program designed to minimize large changes in your bill amount each month.

Method Used for Calculating Average Billing

  1. The Average Bill Plan is a rolling average of the last 12 month’s usage at the current location plus 20% of the deferred balance (positive or negative).
  2. Each billing period the oldest month is dropped and the current month is added, keeping a current average up to 12 months. The Plan amount will fluctuate monthly to accommodate any changes in usage during this 12 month time frame.
  3. The Plan amount is calculated by using the average usage for all metered services in addition to any non-metered monthly service charges (if applicable) plus taxes.
  4. The Plan amount is then rounded to the nearest dollar. The amount becomes the current payment due.

Average Bill Plan Qualifications

  1. Must be a residential account
  2. Minimum 6 months reading and billing history
  3. Account must be current and have a zero balance
  4. Must have satisfactory payment history which includes no disconnection for non-payment, forced collections, Tampering, returned items and/or no more than two late charges for the previous 12 months

Customer Agreement

  1. The customer agrees to pay the Plan amount on or before the due date of the bill.
  2. Must maintain a satisfactory payment history.
  3. If two monthly payments are made after the due date, within a 12 month period, it could result in disqualification from the Average Bill Plan. Late fees will be assessed based on the Plan amount.
  4. Once enrolled in the Average Bill Plan, no payment arrangements will be authorized.
  5. This agreement remains in effect until cancelled by the Customer or by the Customer’s failure to comply with the terms as outlined above. Failure to comply may void the agreement and the total balance, if any, comes due under the regular payment terms.
  6. Removal from this program for any reason will require a 12 month period to be eligible for re-enrollment.

The application for Average Bill Plan can be found in both English and Spanish below.