5 Simple Ways To Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient

While apartment home living can sometimes feel like it’s out of your control for energy efficiency, Kissimmee Utility Authority reminds you there are things you can do to conserve energy and save money. Here are five simple ways you can save energy:

Switch Off and Unplug at Night

Up to 12 percent of the energy use in your apartment comes from standby appliances. In other words, even when your whole family is asleep, devices in your home are drawing electricity. If you unplug these devices at night–or anytime that you’re not using them–they can’t draw electricity. You can also plug these items into a power strip that you switch off when not in use.

Reduce Sunlight Entering Your Apartment

On sunny days, the light that shines through your windows can increase the temperature of your apartment, which encourages your air conditioning to work harder. Drawing blinds and curtains can counter this effect.

Clean Your Dryer Lint Trap

Your clothes dryer is more effective when the lint trap is clean. Not only should you remove lint after each load, but you should also wash the trap in soapy water a few times a year.

Use Cold Water When Washing Clothes

You can save a bundle by washing your clothes in cold water, which is a perfectly effective way to clean most clothes. Washing a load in cold water costs only about $1.18, compared to washing in hot/warm water for $1.52.

Fill Your Freezer

A full freezer is more energy efficient than a partially empty one. When your freezer is full, its contents keep one another insulated from warm air. A cheap way to fill the extra space in your freezer is with jugs of water. A full refrigerator is also more efficient than an empty one; just be sure to leave room for air to circulate.