Get a Head Start on the Heat with a Free Home Energy Audit

In-person Audit

Did you know that the direction you close your horizontal blinds can significantly impact the intensity of the sun’s rays in your home? Did you know that heat pumps and central air conditioners work less effectively with flowers or bushes growing around them? As temperatures increase and spring on the horizon, KUA wants to do its part to maximize your home’s energy efficiency ahead of summer.

Now is the time to contact KUA to schedule your free home energy audit. One of our certified energy auditors will survey your home’s windows, insulation, duct work, water heating, cooling and heating systems, and overall home efficiency. You’ll then be provided with energy-saving solutions and other cost-effective energy-saving measures.

KUA’s energy auditors are trained to spot all the places in your home where energy is being used inefficiently and can provide customers with easy-to-follow tips for keeping energy bills as low as possible.

Over the phone Audit

If it’s more convenient for you, you can call and speak with one of our energy auditors by phone. After completing this quick and easy process, you will receive detailed results of your home energy audit by mail. You will also receive helpful recommendations on ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your electric consumption.

KUA customers can take advantage of this service at no cost by going to, and scheduling a KUA energy audit. To complete a free phone-assisted home energy audit, call 407-933-9800 or toll free at 877-582-7700 during normal business hours.


If you’ve made recent energy efficiency upgrades to your home or business, you may also be eligible for one of our rebates. Visit to apply and learn more about our rebates including:

  • Up to $300 for insulation upgrade (9¢ per square foot)
  • $250 for a heat pump/central air conditioning replacement
  • Up to $200 for air duct peak repair or replacement (up to 50% of the actual cost)
  • Up to $100 for a smart thermostat (up to 50% of the cost)