Kite-Flying Safety: 5 Important Rules

Kite flying can be a fun hobby, especially in the spring. With a bit of practice and a good breeze, anyone can launch a kite with ease. Before flying any kite, though, it’s important to be safe because kites and electricity don’t mix.

Kissimmee Utility Authority offers these simple safety tips to help make kite flying a safe experience:

  • Build or buy kites made of wood or plastic. Only use cloth for the tail.
  • Fly kites in wide, open areas, far away from power lines.
  • Only use cotton, linen or nylon string. Never use metallic thread or metal-reinforced string, which can cause a fire, serious injury or death, if it comes in contact with energized electrical equipment.
  • Fly kites only in dry weather. Wet string is a stronger conductor of electricity.
  • If a kite gets caught in electrical lines or falls into a substation, leave it there. Do not touch any part of the kite or string and keep everyone away.

To have a KUA employee come out to safely retrieve a kite caught in power lines or equipment, call 407-933-9898.