My summer internship experience

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Carlos Diaz was an intern with KUA during the summer of 2023

I  am grateful to have been given the opportunity for an internship during the summer at KUA (Kissimmee Utility Authority). The experience was exactly what I needed to give myself the idea of an office job work environment. My internship role was being the Graphic Designer for KUA’s Corporate of Communications, where among many other things, I designed graphics for KUA’s social media, presentations, t-shirts, and event banners. Through this internship, I wanted to gain experience and understanding of what real work in an office is like.

Some of my academic and professional goals are to learn how to use every software to complete jobs while working with others to successfully meet the organization’s goals. Whether creating a social media post for hurricane season or designing a t-shirt for the city’s 4th of July event I was always given tasks in an orderly matter on what came first and when they were due. The feedback from my associates helps me to improve and shows me all the many ways of designing together. I also supported the Corporate Communications team by expanding graphic design and opening new possibilities. For example, using my knowledge and experience with Photoshop, I was able to be more creative with designs.

This experience taught me how things are done in a public power utility and how everyone works together. All the new skills I developed during my internship will help me to stay on top of my work and help my fellow coworkers to keep the success going for future projects in the company. KUA is a welcoming and comforting environment that gives workers respect and a chance to those who seek work and experience where every opinion and idea can be heard and shared to make progress every day. It is a place where teams are formed, and everyone works together to not only improve the business but to put foremost emphasis on what they believe really matters, helping the community. I am proud to have been a part of a company that dedicates itself to serving the area I call home.