Plug Into Kissimmee

EV Station

The number of electric vehicles worldwide keep rising. With more auto manufacturers like Chevy, Ford and Nissan participating in manufacturing electric vehicles, Bloomberg reports almost every sixth car sold in the world will be electric by 2025.

There are countless benefits you get from owning an electric vehicle including lower running costs, cheaper maintenance and environmental benefits. ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle charging company, reports that electric vehicle drivers save an estimated $13,000 over the life of the vehicle. It may also make you eligible for federal tax credits. Also, KUA customers who purchase an all-electric vehicle are eligible for a $100 rebate. More information here!

With an increased demand for these benefits and more affordable models being released, it’s no wonder registrations rise every year. To keep up with this demand, charging stations are increasingly becoming available in local communities, including here in Kissimmee. If you own an electric vehicle, KUA powers a total of 24 active chargers and more coming in 2021.

For the closest locations where you can charge, view our list of locations below. For more detailed information on station availability, what time of the day is best to go, pricing and more, you can download the free Greenlots app at

1.OHP Exhibit Hall, Osceola County1901 Chief Osceola Trail, 34744
2.OHP Exhibit Hall, Osceola County1901 Chief Osceola Trail, 34744
3.NeoCity Academy, SDOC195 NeoCity Way, 34744
4.NeoCity Academy, SDOC195 NeoCity Way, 34744
5.Judge Parking, Osceola County2 Courthouse Square, 34741
6.Long Term Parking (C), Osc Co.2 Courthouse Square, 34741
7.Long Term Parking (C), Osc Co.2 Courthouse Square, 34741
8.Short Term (B) Parking, Osc Co.2 Courthouse Square, 34741
9.KUA Employee Charger, Rear Parking1701 W Carroll St, 34741
10.KUA Public Charger, Front Parking1701 W Carroll St, 34741
11.KUA Fleet EV Charger1701 W Carroll St, 34741
12.Kissimmee Garage Parking Lot205 E Dakin Avenue, 34741
13.7-Eleven, Kissimmee Convenience1400 E Osceola ParkWay, 34744
14.Cedar Plaza, Schoolfield Properties2260 E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy, 34744
15.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, CALIROSA-12920 Flora Ridge Circle, 34741
16.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, CALIROSA-22920 Flora Ridge Circle, 34741
17.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, CALIROSA-32920 Flora Ridge Circle, 34741
18.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-12970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741
19.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-22970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741
20.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-32970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741
21.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-42970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741
22.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-52970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741
23.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-62970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741
24.Flora Ridge, EPOCH, SONCETO-72970 Sandhill Ridge Court, 34741