9 Super Bowl Grilling Safety Tips

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Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and whether you’re into the ads or the game, cooking out is a popular and cost effective activity this football season. If you have a grill, you have a way to save energy. Grilling outdoors lets you skip the energy costs of running your stove and oven. If you… Read more »

5 Reasons to Slow Down and Make More Meals With Your Slow Cooker

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January is Slow Cooking Month and a great reminder of just how energy efficient a slow cooker or crock-pot can be when preparing meals for your family. While the slow cooker isn’t great for every cooking task, it has many significant advantages that make it worthy to be a staple in every kitchen.Here are 5… Read more »

Kick Off the Year with Home Energy Efficiency

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Start off the year right with a Free Home Energy Audit. Kissimmee Utility Authority offers a free online analysis of your home’s energy use and personalized cost-saving opportunities. Customers can select either a phone assisted home energy audit or an in-home energy survey walk-through. Phone assisted home energy audits consist of a variety of questions… Read more »

Your News Year’s Resolution Safety Checklist

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Now that the New Year is here, why not make safety this year’s top resolution? Now’s a great time to look through your home to see if you can spot any potential electrical safety hazards. Read through these tips from Kissimmee Utility Authority to prepare for a safe and healthy 2020: Outlets – inspect outlets… Read more »

The Twelve Days of Christmas Safety

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In keeping with the spirit of the season, Kissimmee Utility Authority has put together 12 safety tips to keep your home and family safe during the holidays: Prevent Christmas tree fires. If you are using a natural tree, make sure it is placed well away from heating sources, and is well watered to avoid dry branches… Read more »