Childproof Your Home Against Electrical Hazards

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baby touching outlet

Whether you’ve recently welcomed your first baby, or already have a full house, it’s vital to keep your home electrically safe for the little ones. Unintentional injury is one of the top killers of children in the United States, but prevention can eliminate almost all of these injuries. Kissimmee Utility reminds you to take proper… Read more »

12 Electrical Safety Tips for Boat Operators

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launching a boat

Although boating is considered to be a carefree activity, there are many electrical hazards that need to be considered before leaving the dock. Reduce the risk of electric shock drowning and common boat electrical hazards with these handy tips from Kissimmee Utility Authority: Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to swim near the dock when… Read more »

Energy-Saving Tips for Easter Cooking

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holiday cooking

Preparing a holiday meal for your family this Easter? There are many ways to save energy in the kitchen that require little extra effort.Consider these nine simple tips from Kissimmee Utility Authority to help keep your energy costs down during your celebration: When using an electric oven, cook as much of your meal in it… Read more »

Digging Into Spring Yard Projects? Remember To Call 8-1-1

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Safe digging is everyone’s responsibility. But when someone decides to take shortcuts, weekend projects can lead to power, internet, phone and cable outages, injuries and sometimes worse. That’s why it’s so important (actually, it’s the law) to have buried utilities in your yard located and marked before you dig. Here are the 5 steps for… Read more »

Tips to Reduce Household Energy Use During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Woman doing laundry

With more people remaining at home for extended periods of time because of the coronavirus outbreak, households may see an unexpected increase in their monthly energy usage. Kissimmee Utility Authority understands the increasing financial hardships facing families and businesses and offers these helpful room-by-room tips to reduce home energy costs: Living/Family Room * Lower the… Read more »